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Welcome to I Love Lucy World's Book Store! Here you can purchase books by or about the stars and the show from Amazon.com, a reputable online bookstore. Below you will see a list of books. If you know of any other Lucy books that should be added to this list, e-mail me. Have Fun:)

A Book by Desi Arnaz

Read an account of Desi Arnaz's life written by the man who lived it! Learn about his life in Cuba, America, and of course, his life with Lucy!

Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz by Coyne S. Sanders and Tom Gilbert

With exclusive access to family members (including daughter Lucie Arnaz) and rare photographs, Desilu is the firstcandid, inside account of a celebrated, complex, passionate, but ultimately tragic relationship -- as well as a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Desilu Studios, the Golden Age of Television's most powerful production empire.

For the Love of Lucy by Ric B. Wyman

Illustrated with photos of Lucille Ball collectibles, stills from her unforgettable TV series, and packed with little-known trivia about every movie and TV show she appeared in, this irresistible volume celebrates that blue-eyed redhead we all know and love as Lucy.

The I Love Lucy Book of Trivia by Ric B. Wyman

Over the years, millions of people everywhere have welcomed this wild and wacky redhead into their homes. But...how much do you really know about the show and its madcap heroine? Test your Lucy smarts and see!

The Quotable I Love Lucy by Stephanie Chizek

The Quotable I Love Lucy is a compendium of the funniest zingers, jokes, and witticisms that have made millions of fans tune in episode after episode and rerun after rerun. Illustrated throughout with more than 100 photographs and clever illustrations.

Laughs, Luck, and Lucy by Gregg Oppenheimer

Jess Oppenheimer, the man Lucille Ball called the "brains" of I Love Lucy, gives us a rare first-hand look at television history as it was being made. A rich entertainment resource, Laughs, Luck . . . and Lucy features a hilarious memoir, more than fifty rare photos, three never-before-published scripts (including the only I Love Lucy script that Lucy or Desi ever refused to perform), and an AUDIO COMPACT DISC of Lucy's classic radio comedy performances, unheard for more than 40 years!

Loving Lucy by Bart Andrews

This illustrated tribute to Lucille Ball, published in the early 1980's, has 226 pages of pictures.

Lucy: a Life in Pictures by Tim Frew

Rediscover America's favorite comedienne, whose extraordinary lite and career are covered in this fully illustrated volume, which follows Lucy from her showbiz beginnings through her glamorous movie roles to I Love Lucy and her ascent to superstardom.

I Love Lucy: The Official 50th Anniversary Edition, Celebrating 50 Years of Love and Laughter by Elisabeth Edwards

In I Love Lucy: The Official 50th Anniversary Edition, you will relive each and every episode of the most popular and best-loved series in the history of television. You will experience anew the magical ensemble of Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred through photographs, descriptions, gossip, star biographies, and trivia questions. You will even learn how the show has inspired and influenced generations of comedians and television stars, and continues to delight legions of diehard Lucy fans!

The Other Side of Ethel Mertz: The Life of Vivian Vance by Frank Castelluccio, Alvin Walker

Thoroughly researched and authenticated, The Other Side of Ethel Mertz tells the remarkable tale of this feisty and talented woman.

Queens of Comedy by Susan Horowitz

This book discusses the life of not only Lucille Ball but also the lives of various other female comedians, such as Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers.

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