I Love Lucy Episode Guide Season 2

I Love Lucy Episode Guide

Season 2

Job Switching Aired: 9/15/52

The Saxophone Aired: 9/22/52

The Anniversary Present Aired: 9/29/52

The Handcuffs Aired: 10/6/52

The Operetta Aired: 10/13/52

Vacation from Marriage Aired: 10/27/52

The Courtroom Aired: 11/10/52

Redecorating Aired: 11/17/52

Ricky Loses His Voice Aired: 11/24/52

Lucy is Enceinte Aired: 12/8/52 .

Pregnant Women Aired: 12/15/52

Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song Aired: 12/22/52

Lucy Hires an English Tutor Aired: 12/29/52

Ricky Has Labor Pains Aired: 1/5/53

Lucy Becomes a Sculptress Aired: 1/12/53

Lucy Goes to the Hospital Aired: 1/19/53

Sales Resistance Aired: 1/26/53

The Inferiority Complex Aired: 2/2/53

The Club Election Aired: 2/16/53

The Black Eye Aired: 3/9/53

Lucy Changes Her Mind Aired: 3/30/53

No Children Allowed Aired: 4/20/53

Lucy Hires a Maid Aired: 4/27/53

The Indian Show Aired: 5/4/53

Lucy's Last Birthday Aired: 5/11/53

The Ricardos Change Apartments Aired: 5/18/53

Lucy is Matchmaker Aired: 5/25/53

Lucy Wants New Furniture Aired: 6/1/53

The Camping Trip Aired: 6/8/53

Ricky and Fred are TV Fans Aired: 6/22/53

Never Do Business with Friends Aired: 6/29/53

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