I Love Lucy World Episode Guide

Season 6

Lucy and Bob Hope 10/1/56 Lucy, disguised as a hot-dog vendor at a baseball game, corners Bob Hope. She wants to convince him to appear at Ricky's new Club Babalu. Instead, he gets beaned by a baseball. Lucy ends up chewing tobacco in the locker room, not wanting to give away her disguise. Lucy, Ricky and Bob end up singing "Nobody Likes the Ump" at Club Babalu.

Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums 10/8/56 The snare drum that Ricky buys for Little Ricky causes the Ricardos and Mertzes to quarrel when Little Ricky continuously "practices" for days.

Lucy Meets Orson Welles 10/15/56 When Lucy wants to go to Florida, Ricky gives her money to go shopping for clothes so she won't be around when Orson Welles does a benefit performance at the Club. However, Lucy meets Welles while out shopping! Lucy and Orson end up performing a combination magic show/Shakespeare reading.

Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright 10/22/56 Before Little Ricky's first recital, Lucy makes the mistake of talking about stage fright. He is now suffering from it! Ricky talks him into performing at the Club with his friend Earl. When Earl gets the measles, Little Ricky won't perform alone, and Lucy ends up playing the ukelele with Little Ricky doing "Has anybody seen my gal?"

Visitor from Italy 10/29/56 When Mario Orsatti arrives from Italy, saying it's so good to see them again, the Ricardos and the Mertzes have no idea who he is! They soon discover who he is, and that he's in town to visit his brother, but his brother is out of town. With no money, he ends up getting a job at Ricky's club. Disaster follows. Then gets a job at a pizza place. Lucy ends up taking his place and making pizzas! (Causing $230.33 in * damages!)

Off to Florida 11/12/56 A hysterical episode that has Lucy and Ethel hitching a ride with Elsa Lanchester to Florida due to misplaced train tickets. On the way they change a flat tire, sleep in the car, and mistake their driver for an ax murderess!

Deep Sea Fishing 11/19/56 Ricky and Fred have a contest with Lucy and Ethel to see who can catch the biggest fish with $150 as the prize. Eager to win, both teams buy a giant tunafish, hiding them in hotel room bathtubs full of * ice! A classic "let's hide the fish" scene! When their plots are discovered, both teams go fishing together. Lucy ends up "catching" Ricky!

Desert Island 11/26/56 When the girls discover that the boys are going to judge a beauty contest, they plot to go on a boat trip and run out of gas till the contest is over. Claude Akins is dressed as a native, and Ricky uses him to scare Lucy.

The Ricardos Visit Cuba 12/3/56 Lucy is nervous when she meets Ricky's Uncle Alberto, thus disaster ensues! Lucy ends up in disguise making Cuban cigars in a tobacco store. Ricky and Little Ricky perform `Babalu' for Uncle Alberto.

Little Ricky's School Pageant 12/17/56 Ricky, Fred, Lucy and Ethel end up up as characters in Little Ricky's kindergarten play. Lucy is the wicked witch and Ethel is the princess.

I Love Lucy Christmas special 12/24/56

Lucy and the Loving Cup 1/7/57 Lucy ends up lost on the subway with a loving cup as her "hat".

Lucy and Superman 1/14/57 George Reeves guest stars as his television character Superman. Lucy brags that Superman will be at Little Ricky's birthday party, but Ricky is unable to get him. Desperate, Lucy dresses up as Superman, complete with a football helmet to hide her red hair. Superman ends up rescuing her off the ledge where she is hiding after he shows up at the party afterall.

Little Ricky Gets a Dog 1/21/57 Little Ricky names his new puppy "Fred". Despite the "no pets" policy, Fred charms everyone, but "Fred" decides to bark and keep the occupants of the apartment building awake all night!

Lucy Wants to Move to the Country 1/28/57 Tired of city life, Lucy wants a house in the country, and a better place for Little Ricky to grow up. Ricky has put a deposit on a house of $500, but Lucy realizes she doesn't want to leave the Merzes. So, a trio of gangsters (Lucy, Fred, Ethel) ends up at the new house to "terrorize" the owners into giving back the deposit.

Lucy Hates to Leave 2/4/57 Thinking they will only be spending four days sharing the Mertzes apartment, the Ricardos move out of their old apartment, so a young couple can move in. Lucy hates the plans the new couple has for her old furniture, so she buys it all back, filling the Mertzes' apartment to capacity. In the end, instead of four days, the Ricardos are destined to spend two weeks with the Mertzes!

Lucy Misses the Mertzes 2/11/57 The Ricardos miss the Mertzes and vice versa. One's in the city, the other's in the country. It would be nice to just drop in on them. Well, the Mertzes drop in on the Ricardos, and the Ricardos drop in on the Mertzes---at the same time. They just miss seeing each other at the train station. The Ricardos take a taxi home since they have a flat tire. The Mertzes don't know the Ricardos aren't home yet since their car isn't in the garage, so they go in and make themselves comfortable. Little do the Mertzes know that the Ricardos are upstairs sound asleep---until they hear a noise from downstairs.

Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors 2/18/57 This should have been called "Lucy Buys New Furniture". Getting a 40% discount (with the help of Betty Ramsey) Lucy ends up buying $3,272.75 worth of new furniture. Ricky had told her she could spend $500!

Lucy Raises Chickens 3/4/57 Mix 500 baby chickens with Lucy, Fred and Ethel in a new houseful of furniture. Fred turns up the heat to keep them warm. Lucy and Ethel let them out of the boxes to feed them. Little Ricky leaves the door to the den open. Time to count your chickens (while drinking lemonade of course).

Lucy Does the Tango 3/11/57 The baby chicks are exchanged for full-grown egg laying ones, only they aren't laying any eggs. Lucy and Ethel decide to "help" the chickens get to stay by providing them with eggs. Dozens of them. One of the funniest scenes Lucy and Ricky ever did is seen here, as they tango with Lucy's front pockets full of eggs, just waiting to be smashed.

Ragtime Band 3/18/57 Lucy tries to organize a band to play at a benefit since Ricky refuses to do so. Hearing how bad they are, Ricky saves face by bringing his own musicians.

Lucy's Night in Town 3/25/57 The Ricardos and Mertzes are going to enjoy an evening in town with dinner and a play, only their tickets for the play were for that afternoon. There are only two tickets available for the evening, so they decide to take turns watching the show. Lucy and Ethel inform the boys that there are two empty seats behind them. When the owners of those two seats show up late, our foursome share two seats!

Housewarming 4/1/57 Ethel is jealous of Lucy and Betty Ramsey's friendship. Lucy invites Ethel AND Betty for lunch. Ethel and Betty become good friends, and now LUCY is jealous.

Building a Bar-B-Q 4/8/57 Lucy and Ethel end up tearing down and rebuilding Ricky and Fred's new brick BBQ. The reason? She thinks her wedding ring is in the mortar. Little did she know that Ricky found her rings near the BBQ, and hid them.

Country Club Dance 4/22/57 A young Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie) is the reason Lucy, Ethel and their friend Betty Ramsey don't get danced with at the club dance---their husbands are too busy dancing with her!

Lucy Raises Tulips 4/29/57 When Lucy tries to mow the lawn so her yard will look nice to win a contest, she ends up mowing down Betty Ramsey's tulips. Lucy replaces them with wax replicas. Betty 's tulips are disqualified, but so are Lucy's---they are wax too. Ricky mowed hers down in the dark!

The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue 5/6/57 Lucy manages to wreck a statue that is to be dedicated at a Yankee Doodle Day ceremony, so she ends up taking the statue's place. Desi Jr. appears in the crowd scene at the end.

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