Finding Fred
by Kaitlin

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The Ricardo's Apartment

Lucy: Bye honey. (kisses Ricky)
Ricky: See you later. (walks out the door)
Ethel enters

Ethel: Hi Lucy (yawns)
Lucy: Hi Ethel. How are you feeling? I know yesterday you weren't feeling well.
Ethel: Tired, basically.
Lucy: Maybe you should go to the doctor's office and get a checkup.
Ethel: Nah, I'm not that bad, and besides, that place gives me the creeps.
Lucy: I think you should get a checkup.
Ethel: I don't.
Lucy: You're just afraid of the doctor's office.
Ethel: Am not!
Lucy: Are too!
Ethel: Am not!
Lucy: Are too!
Ethel: Am not!
Lucy: Are too!
Ethel: Am not!
Lucy: Are ... listen to us! (laughs) We sound like we're Little Ricky's age!
Ethel: (laughs) Okay, I guess there's no harm in getting a checkup. But... uh Lucy?
Lucy: Yeah?
Ethel: Will you go with me to the doctor's office?
Lucy: (laughs) Sure.

Cut to: The Waiting Room of the doctor's office

Ethel: I'm nervous.
Lucy: Why? You have no reason to be nervous.
Ethel: I'm afraid they'll say I have some weird disease or worse, that I'm dying.
Lucy: Don't be nervous. Well, with our advanced technology I'm sure there isn't a disease out there that can't be cured!
Ethel: Are you sure about that?
Lucy: Positive
Nurse: (looking at her clipboard) Ethel Mertz
Lucy and Ethel stand up.
Ethel: I'm Mrs. Mertz
Nurse: Okay, follow me.
Lucy starts to follow, but the Nurse stops her.
Nurse: I'm sorry Miss, but you'll have to wait here.
Lucy: Oh ... okay. See ya Ethel.

Lucy waits in the waiting room for what seems to be forever, and finally Ethel emerges with a dazed expression on her face.

Lucy: (nervous from the expression on Ethel's face) What is it Ethel? Are you okay?
Ethel: I'm wonderful.
Lucy: Ethel, you're scaring me.
Ethel: Lucy ...
Lucy: Come on tell me!
Ethel: I'm pregnant!
Lucy: You're pregnant? That's nice... (shouts) YOUR PREGNANT? Congratulations Ethel! We've got to get home so you can tell Fred the good news!
Ethel and Lucy exit.

Cut to: Club Babalu

Ricky: Thanks for coming down on such short notice. This Vaudeville act idea just came to me...
Fred: No problem, Ethel went somewhere with Lucy, so going downtown gave me something to do. You know it gets kind of boring when there's no one to argue with. But don't tell Ethel I said that.
Ricky: (laughs) Let's get started.

Cut to: The Mertz's apartment

Ethel: He's not here!
Lucy: That's too bad. I really wanted to see his reaction when you told him the good news.
Ethel: Maybe he's upstairs in your apartment.
Lucy: Yeah, lets check!

Cut to: The Ricardo's apartment

Lucy: He's not here either! Where else could he be? (pauses) I know! Let's check the basement, the furnace hasn't been working. Maybe he's fixing it!
Ethel: Fred? Spend money on the furnace? (Let's out a short laugh) Yeah right. I guess we should check any way though.
Lucy: Let's go.

Cut to: Basement

Ethel: (sighs) He's not here either. Got any ideas, Lucy?
Lucy: Maybe he's at the racetrack. Ricky was saying something about a "hot horse" he could bet on. You know Fred, he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to get some easy money.
Ethel: I hope your right, I'm getting tired.

Cut to: Racetrack

Ethel: We're never going to find him here! There must be 200 people watching the races!
Lucy: It'll be easier to find him if we split up.
Ethel: Okay, I'll go this way, and you go that way. We'll meet here in 20 minutes, okay?
Lucy: See you in 20!

Lucy starts to walk to her right and Ethel to her left.

Lucy: (shouting) Fred?

Cut to: Racetrack 30 minutes later

Ethel is waiting impatiently for Lucy to return.

Ethel: Where could she be? She was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!

Just then, Lucy walks up. She smells of beer and she is covered in dirt.

Ethel: Lucy, what happened?
Lucy: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Ethel: After being best friends for 15 years, I think I'd believe anything you say! Tell me!
Lucy: Well, I was walking down the stairs, looking for Fred, when I slipped on some water that had spilled. I fell into the guy selling beer. I got beer all over me!
Ethel: How did you get covered in dirt?
Lucy: I was getting to that part. Any way, I was at the bottom of the stairs, covered in beer, but I decided to keep on looking for Fred. I looked for him everywhere. I walked until I got to the stables. That's when it happened.
Ethel: What?
Lucy: Suddenly, the horses started charging after me, so naturally I started to run. I kept running, and people kept yelling at me. I didn't know why, until I realized I WAS ON THE TRACK! So I swerved to the side to get to the gate, then all the horses passed me. There was a big cloud of dust, and that's how I got covered in dirt! I'm lucky I made it here in one piece!
Ethel: Wow! Did you see Fred?
Lucy: Unfortunately, no.
Ethel: I'm tired and hungry ... let's go home.
Lucy: Okay, but can we stop at Club Babalu first, since we're only a couple minutes away?
Ethel: Okay, let's go.

Cut to: Club Babalu

Ricky: Thanks for your help Fred.
Fred: Any time, see ya Rick. (Fred exits)
Ricky: All right guys, from the top.

The band plays a few notes when the girls enter. The band stops playing.

Lucy: Hi Ricky.
Ricky: Hi Lucy, Ethel. What are you doing here?
Lucy: Well, we were downtown, looking for Fred, and since we were so close, we decided to stop by.
Ricky: Why are you lookin' for Fred?
Lucy: (to Ethel) Can I tell him?
Ricky: Tell me what?
Ethel: Go ahead Lucy.
Lucy: Ethel's pregnant!
Ricky: Wow! Congratulations. Fred was down here basically all day. He said he was going to the racetrack to bet on a horse I tol' him about. If you girls stay here for 20 minutes, we can all share a cab.
Lucy: Okay with you, Ethel?
Ethel: Sure.

Cut to: Club Babalu 20 minutes later

Lucy: Ricky, are you ready to go?
Ricky: Yes, les' go.
Ethel: Finally!

Ethel, Ricky, and Lucy exit.

Cut to: Mertz's apartment

Fred is on the phone.

Fred: Yes Mrs. Trumble, I'm aware the furnace is broken... Yes, I know it hasn't been working for 3 days... I was planning on fixing it today. I'll go down to the basement right now to fix it.

Fred exits.

Cut to: Mertz's apartment 10 minutes later

Ethel, Lucy, and Ricky walk in.
Ethel: Fred? (she pauses, waiting for a reply) Aww ... he's not here!
Lucy: Do you want to check in the basement again?
Ethel: I guess, but I'm not leaving this building again!

Cut to: Basement

Fred is working on the furnace. Ethel, Lucy, and Ricky enter, talking to one another.

Lucy: There he is!
Ethel: (louder than she intended) Fred! We've been looking all over for you!
Fred, startled, hit his head on the furnace, he pulls his head out, as you can now see, it is covered in soot.
Fred: What'd you do that for?
Ethel: I have something to tell you.
Fred: (rubbing his head) Well this had better be good.
Ethel: I'm pregnant!
Fred: You're... You mean I'm... (Fred faints)

Cut to closing credits

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