I Love Lucy World: Fun Facts

Fun Facts!

Vivian Vance was only one year older than Lucille Ball. Part of her contract was that she had to stay at least twenty pounds over-weight so she would look much older than Lucy.

Desi Arnaz, the youngest of the main charaters, was six years younger than Lucille Ball!

The lyrics for I Love Lucy's theme song were only sung on the show once!

If the geography of I Love Lucy was correct, the Ricardos and the Mertzs would live in the middle of the East River! (Thanks to DNAB49A@prodigy.com for pointing out my mistake)

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's characters names were originally supposed to be Lucy and Larry Lopez, but, they decided the names didn't sound real.

I Love Lucy was never ranked below 3rd in any of its six seasons.

I Love Lucy was canceled when it was #1 in ratings. There was only one other show that ever did that. It was the Andy Griffith Show.

Lucille Ball was on the very first TV guide! Since then, she has been on more TV guides than anyone!

In I Love Lucy, Ethel had three middle names, Mae, Roberta, and Louise!

"Little Ricky" was born on TV the same night that the real Desi Arnaz, Jr. was born (January 19, 1953).

In one episode Ethel can play the piano, but in a later episode with Little Ricky she can't. Thanks to dahl@mail.hartford.edu for submitting this fact.

In the "Madam X" episode, when Fred goes out the door to run from Madam X he must not have realized that the direction he ran would take him to Lucy's window. There would be no hallway there! Thanks to joedg@earthlink.net for submitting this fact.

The Grape fight at the wine vat in the wine-stomping wasn't even originally in the script. Thanks to Luc6937489@aol.com for submitting this fact!

When Lucy's leg got stuck in the bar during the ballerina episode, it was an accident; Lucille Ball just played it up. Thanks again Luc6937489@aol.com!

7 out of 10 people with televisions watched the Birth of Little Ricky when it first aired! Another fact from Luc6937489@aol.com.

Over 1 billion people in the world today have seen I Love Lucy. Submitted by Luc6937489@aol.com.

Did Fred and Ethel ever live next door to Lucy and Ricky? When Lucy and Ricky rented from the Mertz's, the Mertz's lived downstairs, the episode when Ricky bought Lucy a new washing machine the Mertz's and Ricardo's lived next door. Thanks GLYNISGARELICK@aol.com for this interesting fact!

The cast died in the order of their casting call: Fred, Ethel, Ricky and Lucy. Submitted by JJSasso@aol.com.

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