The Face Wash

By Sarah Jacobson

Lucy is sitting at home in her quiet apartment in New York with Little Ricky,
She is reading a tiny Bottle, and Ethel comes in.

Ethel: Hi Lucy, Hi Little Ricky
Lucy: Hi, can you say hi to Aunt Ethel.
He doesn't
Ethel: Brought up your mail
Lucy: Oh, anything interesting?
Ethel: Lucy I didn't read your mail!
Lucy: Thank you very much. Now lets see what's in here. Bills. Bills. Bills. Oh nothing new!
Ethel: {LOL} what's that
She's pointing to the bottle on the couch
Lucy: Oh that's my new face wash!
Ethel: Face wash!
Lucy: Yep, But this stuff is complicating I have to add this bottle in with this powder stuff in a large bowl then add 2 cups of water then it has to set for 10 minutes.
Ethel: Wow! Say Lucy, can I borrow some glue?
Lucy: Yeah it's in the kitchen 3rd drawer. Why do you need glue?
Ethel: Well, Fred knocked that vase my mother gave me off the shelf, but only the top part chipped!
Lucy: Oh well that's good
Ethel: Fred wasn't so lucky!
Lucy: Oh, don't tell me. Oh Poor Fred!
Fred: Ethel!
He calls from down stairs
Ethel: I'll be right down Fred! I'll see ya later Lucy
Lucy: Oh Ethel stop by later. I want you to help me put this stuff on, okay?
Ethel: Okay Bye! See you later Little Ricky!
She leaves
Little Ricky: Can I go see Uncle Fred Later?
Lucy: Well go down there after you take a nap K
Little Ricky: Ok Mommy
They go into the bedroom she lays him down to sleep
Lucy: Goodnight
She leaves and goes into the kitchen and is looking for a large bowl
The phone rings
Lucy: Hello...
Its Ricky from down at the club
Lucy: Oh Hi Dear... yeah... really. Oh, he's sleeping.
While Lucy is talking to Ricky, Ethel comes in with out Lucy knowing it and Returns the Glue she accidentally set it next to the face wash and leaves
Lucy: Ok see ya then Bye
She goes back into the kitchen she mixes everything into a large bowl including the glue!
Lucy: {talking to herself} Ok now i let it set for 10 min
She goes into the living room and sits down on the couch and starts to read her book 5 minutes pass Ethel comes in
Ethel: Hi Lucy
Lucy: Hi
Ethel: Is that stuff done yet?
Lucy: Not yet about 5 minutes longer. Sit down
She does
Ethel: What is that stuff supposed to do anyway?
Lucy: Well it said on the box prevent age marks, crows feet, wrinkles and for good complexion.
Ethel: Oh I'll have to get some! Did you see that pink dress in the window at Gimbals the one with the white lace around the arms!
Lucy: isn't that the prettiest dress you've ever seen! I wanted to buy it to wear to my cousin's party but I'm overdrawn too much the way it is!
Ethel: Fred would never buy it for me its $56.67
Lucy: yeah and if you by the dress you have to bye the shoes too! Oh my gosh, that wash should be done!
They go into the kitchen Ethel spreads it all over Lucy's face
Lucy: Now wait 10 min
The time goes by
Lucy: Oh Ethel is this stuff supposed to harden!
Ethel: its face wash I don't think so!
Lucy: Well it is! Check the box!
Ethel: Where is it?
Lucy: Um...Garbage
Ethel goes into the kitchen and digs it out of the garbage
Ethel: it doesn't say anything!
Lucy: What's that inside of the box?
Ethel: It's a Glue Bottle!
Lucy: GLUE BOTTLE! YOU have my glue!
Ethel: No I returned it you were on the phone so i wasn't gonna bother you!
Lucy: I've got to get this stuff off!
She runs into the bathroom and scrubs and scrubs but it won't come off
Lucy: what do I do! I have company coming over at 5:00!
Ethel: Who?
Lucy: Ricky's boss and his wife, what do i do
Ethel: well I'm sure you'll think of something
Lucy: I'm gonna cover it up with lots of cover up liquid makeup!
Ethel: It's worth a try
{Half hour later}
Ricky: Lucy I'm home! We have company!
Lucy: Ill be right there
Ricky: Have a seat.
Lucy: Oh sorry I'm late
They shake hands Ricky has his eyes fixed on Lucy's blotched and clunky face
Lucy: Well I'll go get dinner. Excuse me
Ricky: Yes, excuse me I have to get somthin
They both walk into the kitchen
Ricky: Lucy what did you do to your face! {Laughing}
Lucy: Ricky this isn't funny! I had a little mix up today with my new face wash
Ricky: I'm sorry Honey I don't now how you get yourself into some of these messes
Lucy: It's easy to me.
She grabs the pot of stew off the stove
Lucy: Grab the bread
They leave
Ricky: Sorry that took so long.
Mr. Littlefield: That's okay
Mrs. Littlefield: My, you have a lovely home!
Lucy: Thank you
While Lucy is stirring the pot of stew her mask falls off right in the middle of the stew!
Lucy: Yyyyeeeeooogghh!
Everyone is shocked and watches as the mask sinks right to the bottom of the pot
Lucy: I'll go make some sandwiches!
She runs out of the living room into the kitchen. Everyone in the living room is laughing hysterically!
Lucy is relieved that they're not mad.

That night in Lucy and Ricky's room
Lucy is sitting in her bed waiting for Ricky to get to bed Ricky walks in with the mask on and scares Lucy half to death
Lucy: auuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Ricky takes off the mask
They hug.

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