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Hey everyone! Guess what? Now you can buy cool I Love Lucy merchandise from I Love Lucy World! Buy them for yourself or for a friend. They make excellent birthday presents! Just click here to go to the The I Love Lucy merchandise page. You can find toys, games, dolls, and more! So what are you waiting for? Visit The I Love Lucy Merchandise Page now!

There is also more merchandise listed below.

Other I Love Lucy stuff:

I Love Lucy Stamps: Get great collectible I Love Lucy stamps. They have 2 sets here. Check them out! $9-$49

Celebrity Ties: This site has 2 I Love Lucy ties. One is a picture of Lucy's face, and the other has a picture of each member of the gang. 14.99 each

Lucy Magnets: Pick from a wide selection of I Love Lucy magnets. You can find a Vitameatavegamin magnet, a cast photo magnet, and many more! Prices vary from $2.99 to $7.50

Buy this I Love Lucy poster.

More Cool I Love Lucy stuff that You can buy from Amazon.com:
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Babalu Music: This is a music album with songs such as the I Love Lucy theme song, Babalu, Cuban Pete, Sally Sweet, and much much more! $11.49

I Love Lucy Entertainment Utility: Although it may not seem very clear in amazon.com's description, this is for your PC. It has the I Love Lucy screensaver, plus images for your desktop, video clips, and much more I Love Lucy stuff for your computer. $39.99

The Christmas Special: This is I Love Lucy's Christmas special. It is never shown on Nick at Nite, so you might want to grab it! $8.99

I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 1: This set includes "In L.A. at Last" and "The Fashion Show" $8.99

I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 2: This set includes "Lucy's Italian Movie" and "The Ballet" $8.99

I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 3: This set includes Lucy Does a Commercial" (Vitameatavegamin) and "Lucy and the Loving Cup" $8.99

I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 4: This set includes "Lucy and Superman" and "The Freezer" $8.99

I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 5: This set includes "Lucy and Harpo Marx" and "Lucy and John Wayne" $8.99

I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 6: This set includes "Job Switching" and "Lucy and Bob Hope" $8.99

I Love Lucy's Lost Episodes: Sorry, they didn't give me a description for this one! $7.99

Bon Voyage: Lucy's Adventure's in Europe: This comes with 4 tapes. It has every episode from when the gang is in Europe. $59.48

California Here We Come Pt. 1: This deluxe collector's edition features the first 14 of I Love Lucy's 27 California trip episodes when the gang first plans to drive west. $42.48

California Here We Come Pt. 2: This deluxe collector's edition features the final 13 of the California trip episodes. $42.48

Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie: This unique and historic program gives us the rare opportunity to enter into the private world of television's most famous couple, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. 16.99

The Lucy Show Collection: This is a great collection of "The Lucy Show" starring, of course, Lucille Ball. It has a total of 20 episodes on it. I bought it without seeing the show first, and I LOVE IT! I suggest you buy it! $42.49

I Love Lucy Calendar 2000: Finally, it's year 2000, and of course with each new year comes a new Lucy Calendar! It, as all other Lucy calendars, has great Lucy pictures every month. $12.99

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