The Not so Suprise Suprise

by Jamie

It's Monday morning at the Ricardo's. Lucy is dressing little Ricky up to go out to the park. Little Ricky has a sore throat that makes him sound like Ethel.

Little Ricky: Thank ya' mommy!
Lucy: Oh you're welcome honey.
Little Ricky: Mommy, can I go see Uncle Fred and Aunt Ethel?
Lucy: Oh sure honey just be back soon so we can go to the park.
Little Ricky: Okay mommy!
Little Ricky leaves the room. Lucy looking relived runs into the kitchen and pulls out a tricycle. She pulls it into the living room and then picks up the telephone.
Brrrring Brrrrring
Ethel: Hello?
Lucy: Ethel, it's Lucy.
Ethel: Oh hi Lucy what's u-(she is interrupted by a knock on the door) Oh hold on Lucy that's the door....(in distance)....Fred! Could you answer that I'm on the phone? Fred! Oh for Heaven's sake....(into phone) Just a minute Lucy.(Another loud knock). Coming.

Cut to Living room. Ethel opens the door and sees Little Ricky.

Ethel: Well hello Little Ricky.
Little Ricky: Hi Aunt Ethel! I'm going to the park with mommy! I came to see Uncle Fred. Daddy wouldn't let me stay up to watch the baseball game so I wanted to see if Uncle Fred could tell me who won. (laughter)
Ethel: (laugh)Okay hon. Fred's in the kitchen eating a sandwich. Tell him I told him to make you a sandwich if you're hungry.
Little Ricky: Okay Aunt Ethel. Thanks!
Little Ricky walks off. Ethel goes back to the phone.

Cut to the living room.

Ethel: Okay Lucy. Sorry, that was your son.
Lucy: Oh good. Look Ethel I called because you know it's Little Ricky's birthday soon and I need to hide his bike.
Ethel: Oh you got him a bike?! How wonderful! Oh Lucy he'll just love it!
Lucy: I know. He'll love it even more if it's a suprise. So, could I bring it over to you and you keep it over there?
Ethel: Oh sure Lucy!
Lucy: Thanks Ethel you're a rea-( she is interrupted by a bell)....hold on Ethel someone's at my door too.
Lucy walks to door and opens it. Carolyn Appleby is standing there with Little Stevie.
Carolyn: Oh hi Lucy! I hope you don't mind me dropping by at a time when your apartment is in such a messy state. (laughs)
Lucy: (fake laugh) Oh Carolyn, my apartment can't be half as messy as your's must be when little Stevie is around.
Carolyn: Please Lucy! My apartment sparkles. Speaking of children, where's that stinky little fatty you call precious!
Lucy: For your information Little Ricky is not stinky or fat. Now I would say some things about Little Stevie here, but there are ladies present. Well, I am anyway.
Carolyn:(shocked look) Well! Lucy Ricardo you can bet my Charlie will hear about this! (Slams door and leaves)
Lucy: (hands on hips)Oooh that Carolyn! Oh my goodness Ethel!(Lucy rushes to the phone) Ethel, Ethel!

Cut to Mertz's apartment. Ethel is asleep with a little drool near her mouth.

Lucy: Ethel, Ethel!
Little Ricky walks in and looks at Ethel. He hears Lucy on the phone.
Little Ricky: Hello? (remember in Ethel voice because of sore throat)
Lucy: Oh there you are where were you? (she thinks it's Ethel)
Little Ricky: I was talking to Uncle Fred!
Lucy: (suprised look)Uncle? Oh well! So is it alright to bring Little Ricky's bike over now?
Little Ricky: Bike? Wowsee!
Lucy: Yes bike! Remember I already told you. And don't say wowsee you sound like little Ricky's age.
Little Ricky: What color?
Lucy: Oh. It's blue with a little red horn.
Little Ricky: Yippe!!!! (He cries out so loud that Ethel wakes up.)
Ethel: Oh hi little Ricky. Are you talking to your mommy?
Little Ricky: Hi Aunt Ethel! Yep! I'm getting a bike. (He drops the phone and runs back home.)

Cut to Ricardos' apartment. Lucy still has the reciever up to her ear.

She has heard everything. She hears the doorknob turn. Little Ricky drops something so he takes a minute to get it.

Cut to Mertzs' apartment. Ethel is in the same state as Lucy. She yells into the reciever.

Ethel: Lucy! Hide the bike! Hide it.

Cut to Ricardos'.

Little Ricky opens the door. Lucy realizes that the bike is in plain view. It's too late. Little Ricky jumps onto it and pedals into the bedroom. Ethel drops her head on the table.
Lucy: WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! It would've been such a nice suprise too!!!! (into camera) Folks don't be a phone gossip and forget what's happening around you! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (laughter)

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