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Past Polls:

Favorite Guest Star: Over 1500 fans voted, and decided that Harpo Marx was their favorite, with 433 (28%) of the votes. In second was William Holden with 339 (21%) of the votes. A close third was Bob Hope with 310 (20%) votes. The other stars in the poll were Tallulah Bankhead with 217 votes (14%), Superman with 179 votes (11%), Orson Welles with 34 votes (2%), and finally Hedda Hopper with 29 votes (1%).

Favorite Mertz: In the battle of Fred vs. Ethel, over 750 fans voiced their opinion, and Ethel emerged victorious with 52% of the vote. While 26% of voters stayed on the fence, claiming they could not choose one over the other, poor Fred finished with just 20% of the votes. Don't worry! We still love you Fred!

New York v. Connecticut: Which episodes were better, the ones where the gang lived in New York or the ones where the gang lived in Connecticut? The overwhelming majority of fans declared that the New York episodes were much better: 69% of fans thought so, while just 8% thought that Lucy's antics in Connecticut were better. Still, 21% loved them all so much that they just couldn't bring themselves to choose.

The Battle of the Seasons: Fans were asked to choose which of I Love Lucy's six seasons was their favorite. Season 1 emerged as the clear winner with 31% of the votes. Season 3 received 20% of the votes to come in 2nd, while season 2 (16% of votes) beat out season 4 (15% of votes) for 3rd place. Fans still liked seasons 5 and 6, which also received a fair share of the votes (7% and 8% respectively).

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