Spit Pea Soup

by Skipop6@aol.com

"Hey Ethel," Lucy greets her best friend a the door of the Ricardo apartment.

"Watcha got there? Looks like some bottles of rotten compost!"

"Actually, this is my mother's very famous Spit Pea Soup." Ethel claims rather sarcasticly.

"Oh really. You must mean SPLIT Pea soup, right?" Lucy replys.

"Nope. Spit Pea Soup. My mother's own recipe. Been in the book for years.

Just found it today and it looked so good so I made some myself and here it is. Thought you might like a few bottles."

"You've got to be kidding, Ethel. Only I come up with stupid ideas like that!"

"I couldn't tell."

"Anyhow what do you think you are going to do with all those bottles! You've got to be crazy if you think that I'm going to take them."

"Just watch me Lucy. One day I'll surprise you."

Lucy watched Ethel unload the bottles of soup for a few minutes then sighed while she sat down to read a magazine. Halfway through the magazine, Lucy looked over and saw Ethel still carefully unloading soup bottles. She shifted positions and continued to read. When she was done with the magazine she got up and watched Ethel some more. She turned around and walked into her bedroom to do her hair. When she came out, Ethel was STILL unloading bottles. Lucy was quite irritated and bored so she sat down on the couch to read yet another magazine. Suddenly the door opened. It was Fred. He walked over to Ethel who apparently was still unloading bottles and whispered something to her. By now, Lucy was very annoyed by everyone and demanded them to tell them what was going on.

"Ethel! Fred! What in the world is going on!" She yells across the family room to the kitchen.

"Nothing. You just sit down and read we'll be right back." Was Fred's reply.

Lucy, who was tired anyway, turned on the black and white television while Fred and Ethel left the apartment. Confused by how everyone was acting she fell right asleep. 10 minutes later, she was awakened by the sound of Ethel's voice.

"Ethel? Is that you come on in I was just taking a nap," said Lucy. There was no reply.


Then she heard her voice again. She realized it was coming from the TV! What in world would Ethel be doing on TV??? She opened her eyes and watched the TV screen for a while and after a few more commercials, there was Ethel on the stage of the Ricky Ricardo advertising channel! Not knowing what to do, she immediatly called Fred.

"Hello? Fred? This is Lucy. Is Ethel at home? I thought I saw her on the Ricky Ricardo show just now!"

"Oh yes thats right. She is advertising her mother's Spit Pea soup. It's selling really well and she's making some big bucks. Didn't she tell you?"

"Of course not! How come I wasn't invited to be on the show too?"

"Those people know better than to INVITE you, Lucy, cause they know you'll just show up."

"Very funny Fred but I need you to drive me over there so I can warn Ricky that Ethel is taking over his show!"

"Oh no, Ricky asked her to do that."

"UGGHHH!!." Lucy hung up the phone and thought to herself. She would make up a plan! Yes thats what she would do. She would hurry and get dressed as Indian native and crash the show! She would have to hurry though, Ethel was almost out of bottles.....

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