I Love Lucy World; Trivia Answers

Last Month's Trivia Answers

I know the trivia was up for a little bit more than a month, but here are the answers:
1. What was Vivian Vance's real name?
Vivian Jones; Vivian Vance was her stage name
2. What year was I Love Lucy's first episode shown?
1951; it ended 1957
3. What was Lucille Ball's birthday?
August 6, 1911; in Jamestown, New York
4. What were Lucy and Desi's children's names?
Desi Jr. and Lucie
5. Where was Ethel born?
6. How many years did I Love Lucy run?
6 years; 1051-1957
7. Which was true?
Desi Arnaz was younger than Lucille Ball; by 6 years
8. How many episodes were there of I Love Lucy?
9. How many episodes of the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour were there?
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