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Last Month's Answers

I just put up this trivia. To find out the answers to last month's trivia, Click Here. Also, This time, if you get 100% on the trivia, on top of getting a free download, your name will be listed on a winners list on the trivia answers page. If you get your name on the winner's list 3 weeks in a row, you will win 2 additional downloads. I am changing it to weekly because more people visit the site now.

About   Trivia

This is the Trivia section of I Love Lucy World. Answer these questions about I Love Lucy. If you get all of them correct, you win 1 free Lucy download. Some of the answers can be found on the page. Have fun and good Luck!


1. Who was younger, Vivian Vance or Lucille Ball

2. What year was I Love Lucy's last episode shown?

3. What did Desi Arnaz die of?

4. What was special about the day of The Birth of Little Ricky?

5. What were Ethel's 2 middle names?

6. True or False: William Frawley was an alcoholic.

7. Where was William Frawley born?

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